Charger Volunteer Day - School Wide

Charger Volunteer Day - School Wide

For your convenience, several Parent Volunteer Days have been scheduled to allow you to meet the requirements for volunteering.  If you would like to volunteer, please RSVP with the number of people coming to If you do not RSVP or if you arrive late, we cannot guarantee that we will have work for you to do.

When you arrive on your work day in the Varsity gym lobby, please fill out a Charger Volunteer Form to be signed by the supervisor of the work day. He/she will turn in all of the forms to the front office so that all hours can be recorded. You must have a completed Charger Volunteer Form to receive credit for your hours. Mike Holwerda will direct the tasks on these work days.

The Charger Volunteer Program at Chattanooga Christian School has been in place for several years, and it has benefited the school tremendously. This program requires each family to complete four (4) hours of volunteer service at CCS during the school year. These parent volunteer hours can be fulfilled through:

  • working in concessions,
  • helping with PTO,
  • volunteering in the classroom,
  • helping with athletics or other co-curricular activities,
  • chaperoning a trip,
  • as well as many other activities.

In order to emphasize the value of volunteerism at CCS, a fee of $200 will be assessed if the 4 hours are not completed by the end of the school year.